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Application for Our Scholarship


 To be considered for this $750 scholarship, you must meet the following criteria.

  • Be a senior in a District U-46 high school
  • Be enrolled in or have an application pending at an accredited college

The following items must be mailed no later than April 9, 2021, to Fox Valley Citizens for Peace and Justice, PO #3, Geneva, IL 60134.                             

  • A recommendation from a teacher and/or supervisor
  • An essay of no more than 1,000 words, typed
  • The application form below, completed and stapled to the essay

The essay:  Many of the issues that Fox Valley Citizens for Peace and Justice addresses are on the back of this page. After reviewing them, select one or an aspect of one and explain in your own words why you believe it to be important. Include any volunteer work or social action you have participated in to advance this and/or any other of these issues. read more

We oppose any new fossil fuel infrastructure

Fox Valley Citizens for Peace and Justice opposes any new fossil fuel infrastructure or fossil fuel expansion.  We especially oppose new  oil pipelines or the expansion of the volume of oil transported through existing oil pipelines.  In particular, we oppose  Enbridge’s Line 3 in Minnesota,   which already brings tar sands oil down from Canada, through Wisconsin and Illinois  to refineries in Patoka, Illinois, and ultimately to the Gulf Coast.  

Enbridge wants to replace  it’s existing Line 3 in Minnesota.  If they succeed in getting the permits to do that, they will certainly expand the operation of their Line 66 in Wisconsin. And then they will almost certainly want to expand their existing Line 61 in Illinois, by building a “twin” to Line 61 or by simply increasing the volume of oil they transport through  Line 61.    Every step along the way, these changes would increase the risk of leaks and spills of tar sands oil, the dirtiest, most polluting form of petroleum on the planet.  And every step along the way, they would  make the climate crisis more catastrophic than it already is.  read more

Occupy Elgin at the Women’s March, October 17th, 2020

Hundreds of cars whizzed past us every moment while the wind blew, but spirits were high.  We were joining the Women’s March, urging people to vote, and supporting the Illinois Fair Tax proposition.  

Sandy N., Marie, Dan

Mary S.

Mary talks with Roger
Nancy guards the banner.
Rex sticks with his message.
the mysterious stranger
Ralph, Sandy K, & Sandy N
Roger Fraser
Kathy, Maura, & Frederic

FVC4PNJ meeting of August 1, 2020

Agenda for FVC4PNJ meeting of August 1st, 2020

Discussion Questions:

Evaluation of July Activities:

Password to join is PHOt76.  Post screening  panel via zoom requires registration

Ongoing Campaigns

Occupy Elgin is doing substantial work on homelessness and doing weekly demonstrations each Saturday from 1 PM till 2 Pm  at Kimball and Grove in Elgin  calling for racial justice. read more