Application for Our Scholarship


 To be considered for this $750 scholarship, you must meet the following criteria.

  • Be a senior in a District U-46 high school
  • Be enrolled in or have an application pending at an accredited college

The following items must be mailed no later than April 9, 2021, to Fox Valley Citizens for Peace and Justice, PO #3, Geneva, IL 60134.                             

  • A recommendation from a teacher and/or supervisor
  • An essay of no more than 1,000 words, typed
  • The application form below, completed and stapled to the essay

The essay:  Many of the issues that Fox Valley Citizens for Peace and Justice addresses are on the back of this page. After reviewing them, select one or an aspect of one and explain in your own words why you believe it to be important. Include any volunteer work or social action you have participated in to advance this and/or any other of these issues.

The Scholarship Committee of Fox Valley Citizens for Peace and Justice will determine the recipient on the basis of his/her recommendation and essay. The scholarship will be awarded at the recipient’s high school award ceremony. 

If you have questions, please phone  847-742-6602.  



                  Fox Valley Citizens for Peace & Justice Scholarship Application

       First Name ________________________ Last Name _______________________________

       Date of birth (month/date/year) _________________________________________________

       Address ___________________________________________________________________

       Phone _________________________ e-mail _____________________________________

       High School________________________________________________________________

       Your high school guidance counselor’s name & phone number                                                               


       College/University you will likely be attending ______________________________________




The following are among the issues Fox Valley Citizens for Peace and Justice address. 

  1. We work for an end to US overseas wars, declared and undeclared. 
  1. We call for a dramatic reduction in the bloated budget of the military-industrial complex.  
  1. We favor a graduated income tax. 
  1. We call for an end to all voter suppression tactics and policies.  
  1. We call for an end to systemic racism—i.e., racial injustice—that is embedded in such policies as healthcare, housing, criminal justice and education. 
  1. We believe that many situations police are called to respond to would be better dealt with  by mental health professionals, social workers, addiction specialists and people with training in de-escalation and conflict resolution. 
  1. We call for an end to ICE harassment as well as the deportation and imprisonment of all   immigrants. 
  1. We call for a pathway to citizenship for the DACA Dreamers as well as for the   undocumented immigrants who have lived in and contributed to the U.S. for many years. 
  1. We call for a ban on all for-profit, private prisons. 
  1. We call for an end to the incarceration of non-violent offenders and the mentally ill. 
  2. . Recognizing that the climate crisis is real, we oppose the construction of any new fossil   fuel infrastructure. 
  1. . We support the development of renewable energy sources.
  1. We call for an end to industrialized animal agriculture. 
  1. We oppose the privatization of water resources. 
  1. We support reproductive choice for women.  
  1. We call for a national single-payer health care system, i.e., expanded and improved    Medicare for All.

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