rally in opposition to a US military strike against Syria

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Fox Valley Citizens for Peace & Justice will rally in opposition to a US military strike against Syria on Thursday, September 12th from 4:30 PM till 5:30 PM in front of the new Walmart at 1100 S. Randall Road in Elgin. That’s a block South of Bowes Road on the West side of Randall.

We chose that site for maximum visibility and that time for the maximum flow of traffic along Randall.

Please let us know if you are coming by sending an email to marysedrop@att.net. We want to know that we will have at least the minimum number of people necessary to make a credible statement of opposition.

We hope to send a photo of our rally to our elected officials and to newspapers.

There are multiple reasons to oppose the proposed military strike against Syria. The short version of our opposition is:

1) The strike would likely NOT be effective in deterring future chemical weapons attacks. It would likely NOT injure Assad or his close circle, but would likely injure civilians.

2) The strike would be immoral, illegal* and dangerous. It could set off a catastrophic wider war.

3) We propose instead that the US should call for the arrest of Bashar al- Assad, President of Syria, and all armed actors in Syria to bring them before the International Criminal Court for investigation into war crimes and for possible crimes against humanity.

4) Of course, the US would then have to join the International Criminal Court ourselves and make our own officials accountable for possible war crimes.

Please join us.

Questions? Call 847-742-6602.

* A military attack by one nation against another nation, not in immediate self-defense, and without the approval of the United Nations is a violation of international law.

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