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Occupy Elgin for December 3rd

Our basic message for Occupy Elgin on Saturday, December 3rd will again be We Will Not Be Silent.  That’s our response to the results of the November 8th election.  We will continue to stand up for all the progressive policy issues that we have been supporting for the past five years.

But we will again express our Solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux in North Dakota.  We are alarmed that the Army Corp of Engineers has announced an eviction of the Sioux camp for December 5th, and are determination to go ahead with construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, which threatens the drinking water and the way of life of the Sioux.  Such an action, on the part of the Army Corp would constitute a return to the genocidal policies of a hundred years ago when treaties with indigenous tribes were routinely violated.    We hereby record our strenuous objection to than eviction. read more

Occupy Elgin for Sat., Nov. 26th, 2016

Occupy Elgin will gather on Saturday, November 26th at the corner of Kimball Street and Grove Avenue in Elgin from 1 PM till 2 PM. Our message will be


Below is the text of the flyer we will distribute.
We are shocked and saddened by the recent election. But we will continue to stand up for peace and diplomacy along with racial, economic, gender, social, and environmental justice. These are moral commitments, and we will not back down from them.

We celebrate the greatness of America in the enormous diversity of our population, in our constitution and bill of rights which gave citizens protections against tyranny, and in the proud history of the social movements which fought to expand that citizenship and those protections to groups that had previously been excluded, oppressed and even enslaved. read more

We Stand in Solidarity with Standing Rock Sioux!. Sat., Oct. 29th, Elgin


Occupy Elgin will gather on Saturday, October 29th from noon until 2 PM at the corner of Kimball Street and Grove Avenue in Elgin.  Our message will be  We Stand in Solidarity with Standing Rock Sioux!


Below is the text of the flyer we will be distributing.

We stand in solidarity with Standing Rock Sioux in their protest against The Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL)
which is a $3.78 billion conduit being built from the oil-rich Bakken fields in North Dakota through South Dakota and Iowa, to Patoka, Illinois, where it will join up with existing pipelines to transport up to 570,000 barrels a day of crude oil to refineries and markets in the Gulf and on the East Coast. The Army Corps of Engineers approved the project in July, allowing it to run under the Missouri river. read more