Demonstration to Protest Paul Ryan’s Health Care Bill

Fox Valley Voices for Democracy, a newly formed organization, along with
Fox Valley Citizens for Peace & Justice will hold a
Demonstration of Protest to express our strenuous rejection of

HR #2653, the new Paul Ryan Health Care Bill. 
Wednesday, March 22nd from 5:30 till 7:00 PM
Elgin City Hall
150 Dexter Court
Elgin, IL  60120

We will gather outside city hall, not because we are targeting city officials, but because that location, at the local level, represents government.  We will make ourselves visible. 
We will have speakers, signs, and a vigorous crowd of protesters.
We see the “replacement” for the ACA as a war upon the poor, the working class, and the middle class by the One-Percent, the billionaire class, and by our elected officials who do their bidding.  The bill will gut Medicaid, damage Medicare, and will throw millions of people off the insurance rolls over the next ten years.  Thousands will die; the poor, people with disabilities, people with chronic health conditions.  The bill will also provide a big tax cut to the wealthy. 
We believe that health care is a human right, not a commodity.
Some of us support the ACA, while many of us support a Single Payer Health Care system, such as is described by HR # 676, and as exists in Canada.  Every other industrialized country, and even a very poor country like Nicaragua,  has some form of universal coverage for health care its citizens.  Here in the US, we pay more than people in those countries, and receive less care. 
We are outraged.  Join us.  

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