FVC4PNJ meeting of August 1, 2020

Agenda for FVC4PNJ meeting of August 1st, 2020

Discussion Questions:


Evaluation of July Activities:

Password to join is PHOt76.  Post screening  panel via zoom requires registration https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJ0lcu-oqDksE9RY6IywyLHoCEmm9mXn7FZJ?fbclid=IwAR1CxjhxKgEiyoJXXBV2WSG-giPIiR1YxSKMt5_i5K7ewcK3k2eGKXT_2Qo

Ongoing Campaigns

Occupy Elgin is doing substantial work on homelessness and doing weekly demonstrations each Saturday from 1 PM till 2 Pm  at Kimball and Grove in Elgin  calling for racial justice.

The Elgin Climate Crisis Group is meeting via zoom.

The Elgin Rapid Response Network held an on-line retreat. 

August and Beyond

  • Treasurer’s report
  • Logistic issues with our list serve. Mary will explain. 
  • Update on plans for fall programs on racial justice
  • Update on Jean Pierce’s talk about the Fair Tax
  • ICE “citizen academies” in Chicago may encourage citizen arrests of undocumented.
  • Resistance to federal troops suppressing protests.
  • Thursday, August 6th 5 PM,   Hiroshima Remembrance at Henry Moore Sculpture in Hyde Park, Chicago (Ellis Avenue near Manseuto Library) led by Buddhist Peace Fellowship.
  • August 22nd, Day of Action on Medicare for All.

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