Two-headed pipeline snake invades DeKalb & Elgin

To the people of  Illinois,

Beware!  Enbridge, a Canadian oil company is pumping toxic, corrosive tar sands oil through Illinois.   The extraction  of this oil from shale deposits in Alberta Canada creates massive environmental degradation.  The burning of this oil as an end product gives off massive amounts of greenhouse gases.  As it moves through Illinois,  we, the local citizens and taxpayers bear  the financial and  health  risks of leaks or spills that could poison our land, wildlife,  and waterways.   Enbridge gets all the profit.  They claim that this oil is a “public good,” necessary to meet the needs of domestic consumers.  But a large percentage of the oil is exported for sale in other countries.

The Enbridge Pipeline is as large and as environmentally destructive as the Keystone Pipeline was planned to be.   It is less well-known.

On December 12th,  we marched in DeKalb and in Elgin with a pipeline puppet,  to alert our fellow-citizens to the presence of this monstrous pipeline.

To see videos of our two marches, go to our Face Book page

Our pipeline puppet has two heads to represent Enbridge’s current drive to install a twin to their Line 61, which will be called Line 66.

We call for an environmental impact study and a public hearing before Enbridge or any other oil company or pipeline company lays one more segment of pipeline.  This is the minimum that our government officials, federal, state, and local,  owe to citizens as we face the looming climate crisis.

Ask your Illinois State Representative to support HR 0864 which would officially call for such measures.  Click on this link   to see the resolution which has been introduced  by State Representative Anna Moeller.

Participating in these  demonstrations were volunteers from the Northern Illinois Justice League,  350 Kishwaukee,  Elgin Green Groups,  and Fox Valley Citizens for Peace & Justice. Thanks especially to the Northern Illinois Justice League for designing the puppet.

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