Elgin Citizens’ Initiative for a Resolution Declaring a Climate Emergency We recommend including any or all of the following points. Don’t feel limited by our list, however. Your own heartfelt reasons can only strengthen our cause.

1. We’re concerned that the pandemic could cause the Council to shelve the proposed resolution for months. Consider pointing out that the climate crisis is not taking time out for the pandemic; rather, many of its consequences already are upon us and others are imminent. The pandemic does illustrate the terrible price of ignoring an impending disaster and then doing too little too late.

 2. The climate change crisis is also a crisis of human morals, ethics and spirituality. A timely resolution to declare an emergency is a way to increase the chances that the solutions to the problems we face will result in a society that demands justice, fairness, kindness and mercy for all.

 3. As news and local events reveal the increasing gravity of the consequences of climate change, the people of Elgin need grounds on which to hope and expect their city to prioritize their safety, and in particular, the safety of their children. It is imperative that every government body recognize the need to closely examine it’s policies and actions, first and foremost, in the light of their environmental impact. Passage of our resolution will give people reason to have faith in the good intentions, competence and effectiveness of the Elgin City Council.

 4. The climate crisis is a matter of extreme urgency. As the materials in the PDF containing documentation supporting the proposed resolution show, scientists overwhelmingly agree that we have less than 10 years in which to make massive changes to our economy and infrastructure–indeed, our whole way of life–if we want to lessen the impact of the ecological disasters ahead.

 5. It is particularly important that Elgin take this action. Elgin can be an influential leader in our region and State, providing inspiration and setting a positive example for other cities and towns to follow.

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