Walk with FVC4PNJ in Elgin’s July 4th parade

We need people to walk with us in Elgin’s parade, on Monday, July 4th.  The more people who walk with us the stronger our message.   

Our line-up spot is Grove Street B, on Grove Street, between Lincoln and Lovell. There is free parking in downtown Elgin,  and in the library lot. There is a shuttle bus to carry you from near the library to our line-up spot.  Be there no later than 8:30 AM.  

Our message will be a challenge to the one-percent who are waging class warfare on the poor and the middle class of America.  They work to manipulate our elections,  privatize our public sector, undermine our schools and libraries,  keep wages low, crush unions, limit access to health care,  cut or eliminate pensions, and pass trade treaties that further empower corporations. They keep us involved in permanent wars, maintain grotesque levels of military spending, and keep our homes and streets stocked with guns.  They distract us from the urgency of  the looming Climate Crisis.  Meanwhile, they seek to divide us against one another by race, religion, gender, and age, to make it hard for us to fight back.  

But we are fighting back, with increasing vigor and   success.  Join us  on  Monday, July 4th.

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