Break Free From Fossil Fuels Midwest Rally & March, May 15th

Fox Valley Citizens for Peace & Justice has endorsed and will participate in this March. Click here for background..  All over the world,  people are marching to pressure our governments and fossil-fuel corporations to make the promises of the Paris Agreement come true.  Without this pressure, it will not happen in time.  

Please Join us.

Chicago Area Action

Whiting Lakefront Park,
1798 119th St.
Whiting, IN 46394
1:00 pm CT, May 15th, 2016

We will arrange car pools from the Fox Valley for the morning of May 15th.  If you are interested  write to us through this website.  

See below to understand the passion and the power driving this event.  

On Sunday, May 15 we will assemble for a rally in the Whiting Lakefront Park near the BP Whiting Refinery and near the 2014 oil spill into the waters of Lake Michigan.  Sign Up Now to receive event updates including plans for pre and post event activities.

We are the daughters and sons of the Great Lakes and Upper Mississippi Region and we reflect the many colors of the people of the Earth. Our ancestors came from many lands to join here with the indigenous First Nations to live on this land, drink this water and breathe this air.

We are marching because we the people have a Right to clean water, air and land that is greater than any corporate need to make money!  Our diverse group from throughout the Midwest drafted this formal resolution outlining the devastation the fossil fuel infrastructure has caused to the Great Lakes region and our solutions to allow us as a society to Break Free from fossil fuels.  You can view a summary version of our resolution, the full version, or sign the resolution.

Resolution Summary

We are asking local, state and federal governments to do or help with the following:

  • Moratorium on all new pipeline projects pending independent environmental impact studies.
  • Review of all existing pipelines moving more oil than originally permitted for air quality and leak assessments.
  • Shut down the 62-year-old Line 5 as it threatens our region’s water supply.
  • Create a regional citizen review board to oversee all fossil fuel related industry in our region (pipeline construction, refineries, fracking, oil-by-transit, petcoke piles)
  • Create independent 3rd party review of air quality and overall worker safety for existing workers in fossil fuel related industries (Petcoke, Refinery, Oil-by-Rail, and Fracking)
  • Partner with the Calumet Region community to plan a Just Transition in anticipation of the eventual closing of the BP Whiting Refinery, to create a transition model that includes new jobs and a more sustainable community.



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