Rally for Single Payer Health Care, April 8th, 10 AM, Elgin

April 8th Action for Improved Medicare for All!
Single Payer Health Care, HR #676.
Saturday, April 8th from 10:00 AM till 11:00 AM
in front of Sherman Hospital on Randall Road in Elgin
that’s 1425 N Randall Rd, Elgin, IL 60123.
See the map here.

This will be part of a Nationwide Day of Action.  Please join us in a rally for HR #676, Single Payer Health Care.

Thanks to the persistent and persuasive activism of literally millions of Americans, we stopped the cruel Paul Ryan Health Care Plan which would have thrown more than 20 million citizens off the insurance rolls.  When that plan went down to a well-deserved and ignominious defeat, it opened up an opportunity for us to raise our voices and call for the only plan that will genuinely cut health care costs, cover everybody, preserve choice of provider, and give Americans the health care we deserve.  Many of us have argued for Single Payer Health Care for years.  The fight to make it happen is still a long and daunting one, because many of our elected officials and the mainstream media will not even conduct an open and fact-based dialogue about it.  

So, let us seize this opportunity to share with our fellow citizens the news about the existence of HR #676, and the sanity and justice it embodies.  Join us. Dress for the weather and, if you  can, bring a sign with BIG LETTERS.

Please note that we are NOT picketing against Advocate Sherman Hospital, our excellent community hospital,  which provides generous health care to all the citizens of Elgin, including many low-income patients.  

We are using Sherman Hospital as the BACKDROP of our rally while we promote our message of support for HR #676, Improved Medicare for All.  


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