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Candidates for ECC Board of Trustees reply to our questionnaire


Responses to the FVC4PNJ questionnaire for candidates for the ECC Board of Trustees:

We send the questionnaire to all four candidates.  Two responded.  Two did not respond.

Joyce Fountain

1) Is ECC doing a good job of protecting the health of students, faculty, and staff during the covid-19 pandemic?  What would you do differently to strengthen those efforts?

 I have been retired from ECC for approximately 15 months, but it appears that ECC is taking the important steps to protect the health of individuals that come to campus during the pandemic. Routine activities have been modified including most courses being taught virtually, many faculty have modified their styles of teaching to improve student learning and are in contact with students more frequently; all individuals’ temperatures must be taken to access the campus; most employees are working off campus and the campus is cleaned more regularly and effectively. read more

Elgin City Council candidates reply to our questionnaire.


Five candidates responded to our questionnaire. The other candidates did not reply.  Click on Read More and Scroll down to read the responses of all five.  

Anthony Ortiz

  • How would you address homelessness in Elgin?

I believe the community, City Hall, non-profits, and our neighboring villages and cities need to work hand in hand to help try to solve this problem. Homelessness is an issue that is impacting all communities.


I support PADS and their great efforts to help the homeless in Elgin and the surrounding areas. The city owns many buildings through-out Elgin and 600 S. State Street is one of them. This property is located on the edge of Elgin away from all the downtown soup kitchens and public transportation. So, is this building the best suitable location? Maybe it is, but again I would like the everyone to work together on this and not force it into a certain neighborhood without community conversion where all the stakeholders can voice their thoughts and ideas. read more