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Duluth Rising!!!

On Monday, Nov. 2nd Indigenous leaders, students, and concerned citizens are taking to the streets in Duluth  to stop Enbridge’s pipeline invasion. We are demanding Enbridge do full consultation with tribes impacted by their proposed pipeline expansion plans & move forward with a full environmental review.


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  2. Digital recruitment — spreading the word in the lead up to turn people out!


Primary Hashtag: #StopEnbridge, #FloodTheSystem

Secondary Hashtags: #NoTarSands, #TarSands, #DuluthRising

Tweet Targets: @Enbridge, @GovMarkDayton, read more

Drumming Circle for a Livable World

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As part of our series of events leading up to the Paris Climate Summit,  Fox Valley Citizens for Peace & Justice is working with Elgin Green Groups and Sierra Club Valley of the Fox group  to sponsor a Drumming  Circle for a Livable World on Saturday, October 10th from 4PM till 6PM  on the lawn near the Hemmens Auditorium at 45 Symphony Way, Elgin 60120.

We hope to raise consciousness about the need for  radical, large-scale,  multidimensional change,  if we are to leave our fragile earthly home as a healthy place for our children and grandchildren to live peacefully and thrive. read more

January 13 Rally Against the Keystone Pipeline

Fox Valley Citizens for Peace and Justice, Elgin Green Groups, and the Unitarian Universalist Church of Elgin rallied against the Keystone XL Pipeline. on Jan. 13, 2014

The House of Representatives passed it last week. The Senate may pass it next week or two. We hope that President Obama will veto it. By holding this rally, we told ALL our elected officials that we will not quietly accept this destructive action on their part.

The Keystone XL pipeline is a threat to our whole ecosystem. Here is why read more

Our planet is becoming a perilous environment for humans and other living things.

 Our planet is becoming a perilous environment for humans and other living things.  It is becoming toxic.  Our air, water, land, food, and animals are being contaminated daily:   toxic water from fracking, overflowing landfills, the destruction of the earth through coal removal and processing, depleted topsoil through monoculture crops, methane about to be released from the thawing of the permafrost in the Arctic, overfishing of our oceans, GMOs in our food, bees dying from pesticide use.  The list goes on.  Most urgent is global climate change caused by our use of fossil fuels.  We must change our economy and our culture.  We must disengage from the current economic model which requires constant growth and which stimulates artificial “needs” while not fulfilling genuine human needs.  We must move away from our consumerism and materialism.  We must stop rewarding greed and extraction.  

We must build community by doing such things as encouraging local self-reliance in food production. read more